Bottles-stacked-100-wideBuddy’s Original New Ulm Sodas are delicious beverages ~ a real treat for the discriminating consumer. Our recipes date back to the wild and crazy days of the roaring 20’s … the period in our history in which quality sodas were developed because of prohibition. Soda production served as a means to keep breweries open and workers employed.

The sweetener of choice during this era was pure granulated sugar, which we continue to use to this day in Buddy’s Sodas. Buddy’s is based on the original old time soda recipes. Rather than being produced in large plants with many other sodas, Buddy’s is made in small batches exclusively in New Ulm, Minnesota. Our extracts start with real fruit juice. Buddy’s is gently pasteurized and lightly carbonated. Buddy’s has no alcohol, gluten, high fructose corn syrup, or caffeine.

Buddy’s is a special treat for special places and special times. Buddy’s is enjoyed by young and old. Buddy’s is great in a sack lunch or a fine upscale restaurant. Buddy’s vibrant color is terrific when displayed in a grocery store, a soda cooler or on a deli counter. We want the consumer to see our color, therefore we use clear bottles with attractive four color labels and “Buddy’s” twist off caps. It stands out and makes an attractive display. People truly love the packaging, the color and taste.

Buddy’s is available in 24/12 pack carton for on sale, convenience store or delis. We also have a very attractive six pack carrier, with both the containers and bottles being recyclable. A gift of Buddy’s is enjoyed by your hostess, newspaper carrier, teacher, neighbor or anyone you choose to remember with a tasty gift.

Besides being great on its own, Buddy’s Orange mixed with ice cream makes a terrific “Dreamsicle” or Buddy’s Grape mixed with ice cream makes a great “Purple Cow”. A Buddy’s Strawberry float is as refreshing as it is attractive. These are delicious treats at home or at a restaurant

Buddy’s is an excellent cocktail mix. We have several unique recipes available which we will be happy to provide for you.

If you are looking for a signature soda to offer your guests consider Buddy’s Orange, Grape, and Strawberry Original New Ulm Sodas. Our sodas will remind you of slower days when the living was easy, yet they are as refreshing and thirst quenching as anything on the market today!

Enjoy a Buddy’s for a special treat or a special time with a good “Buddy” of yours. Give us a try ~ When people talk about the good old days, now ~ you will know why.