Bottles-stacked-100-wideBottles-stacked-100-wideAll Buddy’s sodas are made with original prohibition era recipes.  These sodas were truly good buddies to brewery workers during prohibition from 1919 to 1933.  Even though breweries could not produce beer during these years, they were able to produce sodas and other products to keep workers employed.  Buddy’s products are a result of this era.

Our recipe, like theirs, uses bags of granulated sugar, mixed with our extract, for our unique small batch recipes.  Of course we still use glass bottles, no cans or plastic.  Buddy’s sodas contains no corn syrup, caffeine, or gluten.

Buddy’s is available in an individual 12 ounce glass bottle, an attractive multi-colored 6 pack or 24 12 oz bottle case. In our constant efforts to “Go Green,” we recommend tossing the empties in a recycling bin.  Buddy’s can be found in a variety of retail outlets and served in a variety of establishments that choose to offer quality signature sodas.

Facts about Buddy’s Sodas!

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  • Buddy’s is gently pasteurized and lightly carbonated.
  • Buddy’s, unlike most sodas, has no gluten, high fructose corn syrup, or caffeine.
  • Buddy’s contains no alcohol.
  • Buddy’s vibrant color and real orange extract make it a real people pleaser.
  • In the Twin Cities warehouse district the “Grape Ape” cocktail is popular all year long.
  • Buddy’s Orange mixed with ice cream makes a terrific “Dreamsicle”.
  • Buddy’s Grape mixed with ice cream makes a great “Purple Cow”.
  • Buddy’s Strawberry float is as refreshing as it is attractive.
  • The Strawberry color makes for a “Very Berry” holiday treat, gift, or colorful deli accent.
  • Unlike most sodas, the majority of Buddy’s is sold in restaurants, bars and delis, but consumers frequently seek it for home enjoyment & gift giving.
  • Buddy’s color and taste make a great drink mix.